DLP Too Complicated? Too Costly?

Not when you start by focusing on your greatest risk to data loss – aka email.

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Data Loss Prevention

While email speeds communication, collaboration and workflow, the challenge is establishing assurance that regulated and confidential data is not mistakenly or maliciously sent outside your network.

As the volume and velocity of data continues to expand exponentially, so does the risk of accidental or malicious disclosure of PII, consumer or other regulated data. Factor in the portability of data across multiple devices, omnipresent employee access and data protection regulatory penalties associated with compliance failures, and you may quickly determine a need for email data loss prevention (DLP).

Enable email DLP with minimal impact on your stretched IT, security and compliance resources.

Deployed in a matter of hours, ZixEncrypt prevents loss of customer, patient and constituent data, as well as sensitive company information, through email. Powered by Digital Guardian, Zix enterprise DLP solutions offer protection across your network, in transit, at rest and in the cloud. With flexible solution options and an annual subscription model, Zix reduces the impact on your stretched IT, security and compliance resources.
Using proven policies, corporate and regulatory requirements are automatically enforced, and your security and compliance experts can reinforce best practices with employee training and gain visibility into data policy infractions with audit reports. With Zix, the risk of data loss is reduced, and employees can focus on the task at hand.

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