Skip the Hassles of Archiving.

How do you ease email retention and user access? We have the answer in a simple cloud solution.

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Email archiving can be painful for you, your users and your budget. Add in zip files and USB drives for sharing data with auditors and outside legal counsel, and you have an IT burden begging to be lifted. Zix’s cloud email archiving helps lift that burden.”

Email retention is a must. Employees want access to every email they’ve sent or received since they started. Legal requires it for disclosure, and auditors want access to make sure you’re meeting your obligations.

With ZixArchive, our service makes cloud email archiving easy.
What isn’t required is the hassle often associated with email archiving, and Zix offers a cloud-based solution to prove that’s true.

With ZixArchive, our service makes cloud email archiving easy, reduces costs and makes zip files and USB drives a thing of the past with on-demand access.


How does Zix meet your archiving needs?

With ZixArchive, you can automatically retain all emails or use policies to keep emails based on senders, recipients, groups of users and timeframe. Using our cloud interface, you can enable any internal users, auditors and legal counsel to access emails one minute and disable access the next. It’s just that easy.

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