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Advanced Threat Protection

Email is the number one communication tool for your business, and the number one vector for attacks. It keeps processes moving and helps you close business, and just as easily, it spreads malware, ransomware, phishing, viruses and other attacks.

Education and training are critical to keeping your network free from attacks and your data in your possession, but you and your employees can’t do it alone. Trying to stay ahead of the latest threat is exhausting, and the variations of attacks are endless.

To make matters worse, the sophistication of attacks is increasing. Just think of business email compromise and the thousands of dollars that have been transferred in error.

As you bolster your defenses, Zix can be your trusted partner.
As you bolster your defenses, Zix can be your trusted partner. Our technology has evolved over 15 years and keeps advancing every minute to manage the next email threat. Our analysts pride themselves on catching the most sophisticated attack, and our support team is ready to confirm that fact 24/7/365 over the phone, in email or via chat. Test us. We’re ready.


How does Zix meet your advanced threat protection needs?

ZixProtect combines a multi-layer approach with live threat analysis, machine learning and automated traffic analysis to keep email attacks from reaching your employees and your network.

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