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Email Security for IP Protection

Product designs, patent filings, earnings announcements, merger and acquisitions and other sensitive communication are often facilitated through email. Without email encryption, advanced threat protection, archiving, DLP and BYOD security solutions, your intellectual property and confidential information is at risk.

Sensitive business matters often involve employees, external counsel, auditors, partners and other third parties. The challenge is any sensitive email communications with internal or external parties may expose trade secrets, strategic plans or financial matters. A single malicious inbound message or an unsecured outbound email can create a lasting impact on your revenue, stock price and reputation.

IP and sensitive communications continue at Internet speed but remain safe with Zix.
With Zix, intellectual property and sensitive communications continue at Internet speed but remain safe. Sensitive intellectual property is encrypted, or if needed quarantined, with automatic scanning that prevents innocent mistakes or malicious intent. The latest zero-hour malware, sophisticated ransomware or business email compromise are kept from your network through a multi-layer approach that's backed by machine learning, automated traffic analysis and 24/7/365 human experts who thrive on keeping your organization secure. Unlimited email collection, multi-filter search and cloud-based secure access make storing and finding your data in email easy. No matter your email security needs, you can rely on Zix to be your trusted partner.

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