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Email Security for FERPA Compliance

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act defines privacy for student records for K-12 and post-secondary institutions. In part, the legislation requires protection of student information from unauthorized disclosure. The challenge is how to easily enable compliance without a burden on educators and administrators.

Teachers, professors, administrators, students and parents all communicate via email. Where the content of the email involves student records and personally identifiable information (PII), expecting senders and recipients of email to be 100% responsible for preventing unauthorized disclosure is not realistic given competing demands on their time and attention. Yet you cannot afford to lose funding, damage your institutions’ reputation and lose the trust of students or parents.

Our no-hassle security solutions facilitate secure email collaboration.
Zix provides easy to use email security solutions to assist you with FERPA compliance. Our no-hassle email encryption, advanced threat protection, archiving, DLP and BYOD security solutions facilitate secure email collaboration between internal and external parties while automatically preventing inadvertent and malicious email breaches from compromising your network. We also offer archiving, DLP and BYOD security to ensure compliance is never in doubt.

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