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Email Security for Customer Protection

With data breaches continuing to occupy the headlines, consumers are becoming hyper-sensitive to loss of personally identifiable information (PII). Loss of brand equity, trust, class action lawsuits and other business impacts can follow. The question is how to secure PII without interfering with business given all your employee email communication with customers and partners.

Online orders, stock confirmations, returns, complaint resolutions, delivery confirmations and marketing programs are but some of your business processes which utilize customer information and do so via email. While your employees strive to maintain excellent customer service based on responsiveness, an underlying challenge is how to ensure PII is not inadvertently or maliciously exposed without adverse impacts on customers.

How do you ensure PII is not exposed without adverse impacts on customers?
Zix is a leader in email security. More than 19,000 customers rely on our email encryption, advanced threat protection, archiving, DLP and BYOD security solutions to protect their customers, employees and organizations.
Our solutions work seamlessly for administrators, are as easy to use for employees, customer and partners and are backed by exceptional support.

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