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Email Security with ZixHosted

Organizations are seeking ways of reducing IT costs while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their email systems. ZixHosted is a cloud based high availability email encryption service that works seamlessly with O365, Google Apps, any cloud based or POP/IMAP on-premise email servers.

ZixHosted enables you and your employees to benefit from leading email encryption and DLP solutions without any extra from your IT team. ZixHosted manages all administration, operations and maintenance. This includes upgrades, patches, disaster recovery, and integration with many cloud-based archiving solutions.

Secure your email data and enable your IT staff to focus on pressing strategic priorities.
ZixHosted is supported and staffed 24 hours a day and are supported by ZixData Center, a SOC3 certified, SOC2 accredited and PCI DSS 3.1 certified facility. Zix prides itself on maintaining the highest levels of performance for the ZixData Center, and we have a track record of consistent 99.999% availability.
ZixHosted offers you no-training-required, zero-impact email encryption and DLP solutions that enable your IT staff to focus on pressing strategic priorities.

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