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Email Security for On-Premises

Security for on-premise email needs to address the proliferation of devices, be easy to use, and integrate seamlessly with existing systems. Our transparent, easy to deploy, low IT impact encryption and DLP solutions do all this and work seamlessly with your email infrastructure.

Zix provides scalable, easy-to-manage on-premises email encryption and DLP solutions which integrate with Microsoft Exchange, POP/IMAP accounts, as well as cloud email solutions such as Google Apps and Office 365.

Zix provides scalable, easy-to-manage on-premises email encryption and DLP solutions.
Without hassle for email senders or recipients, Zix enables automatic encryption and quarantine of emails based on user and domain policies, extensive regulatory content policies which search subject line, messages and attachments of an email seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices. Our Best Method of Delivery expedites secure email delivery for recipients regardless of the computing platform and in the most convenient method possible, including transparent email encryption.
Operational in under a day, IT teams are able to rapidly improve regulatory compliance, protect sensitive data and communications and reduce the negative impacts associated with accidental data loss.

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