Secure email in and outside Google Cloud.

Google asked us to develop its exclusive email encryption solution, and we delivered.

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G Suite

The ability to leverage numerous apps, ubiquitous BYOD access, operational cost savings and employee efficiency gains are but some of the benefits of G Suite. However, consideration must be given to how sensitive email data will be protected while at rest and in motion.

GAME is an email encryption solution for G Suite users designed through an exclusive partnership between Google and Zix. An on-demand secure email service for G Suite users, GAME enables you to securely and easily communicate with business partners and customers outside Google’s secure cloud.
Using a mobile- and desktop-friendly design, GAME works seamlessly with Google to encrypt emails which contain sensitive data in the subject, body or attachment of an email.

Securely and easily communicate with business partners and customers outside Google’s secure cloud.
Your employees do not need to be concerned about additional passwords, and encrypted emails are received in the most convenient method, including transparently to other Zix users or in two steps or less to a secure, mobile-friendly Web portal.
With GAME, you increase the security of your hosted email, gain the ease of support and built-in scalability of leading Zix Email Encryption and ensure your company and customers’ most sensitive data is secure in email.

However, outbound protection isn't your only concern. To boost protection against malicious threats in inbound email, ZixProtect offers a multi-layer approach that defends your organzation from malware, ransomware and other advanced threats. And ZixArchive ensures that you meet compliance and legal requirements by making email collection, search and access easy through our secured, cloud-based solution.

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