Secure email in and outside Google Cloud.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with Google Suite, Zix offers inbound and outbound email protection.

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Enhance G Suite with Email Security

For over a decade, Zix has been the email encryption engine behind the GAME product. Now Zix is moving into the G Suite Marketplace, where we can offer G Suite customers our full set of email encryption/DLP capabilities, as well as our broader suite of solutions, including email threat protection and archiving. Existing GAME customers will not be impacted but will benefit from improved product options and superior customer service.

The ZixEncrypt email encryption solution for G Suite is designed to make email encryption automatic and easy. An on-demand secure email service for G Suite users, ZixEncrypt enables you to securely and easily communicate with business partners and customers outside Google’s secure cloud.

Securely and easily communicate with business partners and customers outside Google’s secure cloud.
Using a mobile- and desktop-friendly design, ZixEncrypt works seamlessly with Google to encrypt emails which contain sensitive data in the subject, body or attachment of an email. Pre-built compliance filters also allow G Suite customers to meet the compliance requirements of HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, FERPA, GDPR and more.
Your employees do not need to be concerned about additional passwords, and encrypted emails are received in the most convenient method, including transparently to other Zix users or in two steps or less to a secure, mobile-friendly Web portal.

With ZixEncrypt, you increase the security of your hosted email, gain the ease of support and built-in scalability of Zix and ensure your company and customers’ most sensitive data is secure in email.

However, outbound protection isn't your only concern. To boost protection against malicious threats in inbound email, Zix provides an email threat protection solution called ZixProtect. ZixProtect offers a multi-layer filtering approach that defends your organization from malware, ransomware and other targeted threats. The multi-layer filters are continuously updated through machine learning, automated traffic analysis and live threat analysts. ZixProtect also provides advanced threat protection with attachment sandboxing and disbarment capabilities and URL re-writing for time-of-click analysis.

For organizations that need to archive business communication and need strong eDiscovery capabilities for litigation or compliance auditing, Zix offers ZixArchive. ZixArchive allows you to set retention policies and easily search through large amounts of data. Search results can be put into a hold that can be shared electronically with both authorized internal and external users.

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