ZixSelect Mobile: End-to-End Encryption for Mobility

by ZixCorp

ZixSelect Mobile has created quite a buzz within the Zix customer base. IT and security professionals are already familiar with ZixGateway, an automated method for monitoring outbound emails in real-time that takes immediate action to secure any sensitive information contained in these emails. The concept is well understood: policy filters are specially tuned for each business type. This means that employees can get on with doing what they do best – their jobs – without stressing about email security. CISOs love the model because it removes human error from the equation. ZixSelect Mobile now extends and enhances the ease of use of ZixGateway for mobile users. Now they can decide to encrypt individual emails at the tap of a button, and remain fully protected by ZixGateway. ZixSelect Here’s how it works: A user has the ZixOne BYOD solution on his or her smartphone or tablet. He types an email in the usual way. He knows that corporate data is protected by ZixGateway, however there is special information in this email that he wishes to have encrypted. Just below the subject line in his email there is a green button that he slides to the right, instructing ZixGateway to encrypt the email. When he presses send, the email passes securely over the public network to the ZixOne server and then on to his organizations mail server. As that same outbound email then leaves the server, ZixGateway recognizes the ZixSelect Mobile instruction to maintain encryption, over the public Internet, all the way to the final recipient or recipients. In other words, ZixOne can now guarantee that any email they wish to send securely will remain secure from end-to-end, sender to recipient. In addition to providing the industry’s easiest to use secure email mobility solution, ZixSelect Mobile with ZixOne stores no corporate data on mobility devices. CISOs love the fact that corporate data is streamed to this secure viewer solution only when it is being viewed by the employee: no corporate data is retained in permanent memory, thus removing the need for a remote wipe or kill-switch should an employee lose his device. This is extremely effective security. To learn more, download the ZixSelect Mobile datasheet.

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