ZixOne Use Case: Say Goodbye to an Employee, Say Goodbye to Your Data

by ZixCorp

A real-world example of the BYOD challenges companies face

This use case came right from our own backyard. A new salesperson joined the Zix team recently. In explaining our new BYOD solution ZixOne, he pulled out his smartphone and shared a fun tidbit from his own life. At his last company, he was allowed to use his own device and connected to the company’s Exchange server through ActiveSync. Two weeks removed from his old job, he showed us how easily he could scroll through all the old emails stored on his device.

Could you trust a former employee with customer data and pricelists? Are you willing to let personal data and intellectual property walk out your office door in a pocket or purse? ZixOne mitigates this issue by never allowing email data to reside on the device. We simply enable secure, easy access to corporate email, calendar and contacts through a convenient app. So the next time an employee leaves the company, access is easily disabled, and there’s no corporate data left on the device.

The topic of “leaving the company” will come up again. In the meantime, share your own ZixOne use case in our comments section below.

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