Zix Webinar featuring Forrester Research looked at Hosted Email Encryption

by Neil Farquharson

Kelley Mak - Forrester Research Guest Speaker Kelley Mak of Forrester Research


“The use of email encryption…shows your business partners, your customers, your employees that you take security seriously.” These are the words of Kelley Mak of Forrester Research during our live webcast last Thursday. During our one hour webinar, I posited that many organizations are choosing hosted email and hosted encryption that reduce costs due to organizations not needing to maintain in-house infrastructure any more. The costs are predictable and manageable. One of my takeaways from Kelley’s presentation was that customers are now expecting their providers to secure their data. In Kelley’s words, “Apathy is no longer the dominant public sentiment…..Customers are actively concerned about their on-line privacy.” I asked Kelley if consumers expect businesses to protect their personal data. He replied that clients now choose to do business with an organization - or with its competitors - based on the security these organizations have in place. There is also differentiation between organizations who only try to meet their compliance obligations versus those that wish genuinely to protect their customers’ sensitive data. He said “the sad truth is….that it is really compliance driven.” However he went on to predict “I think you’ll see a new crop of businesses that start to understand the whole aspect of consumer trust, [who] develop really a risk based approach rather than just simple compliance.” Zix’s key takeaways:

  1. Understand your regulatory environment.

Know your data. This will inform DLP and encryption.

  1. Reinforce the human firewall.

Employees should be familiar with importance of security over the web and email.

  1. Enforce automated policy with DLP.

Automated enforcement will assist in prevention and user awareness of data exfiltration.

  1. Enable encryption to succeed.

Automated policy-based encryption should seamlessly eliminate the vulnerability of human error. Encryption should work transparently. A recording of the entire webinar can be found here.

[Disclaimer: The above represents my views and not those of Forrester Research]

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