Zix Launches New Secure Email App for Google Apps Users

by Neil Farquharson

Our regular readers know that I’m a big fan of Google and use many Google apps.  For example my wife loves Google Voice’s global spam filter that has silenced our home phone of the marketing calls that used to spoil our evening dinner time. Zix Message Encryption for Google Apps graphicTherefore I’m especially pleased to discover that Zix has created an encrypted email solution for small to medium businesses that already use Google Apps for Work. It’s for businesses that require up to 35 encrypted email users – 35 seats or less – and it is very easy to purchase and to provision. It is named Zix Message Encryption for Apps, and it offers small to medium businesses the seamless transparent secure email delivery for which Zix is famous. Transparent secure delivery to other Zix users means that encrypted emails are automatically decrypted at the destination and appear in the recipient’s inbox as a plaintext message, just like the other messages in their inbox. Because it is so seamless, it lets the recipient know that each email has been encrypted in transit by including a blue banner at the top of each decrypted email with the words: “This email was sent securely using ZixCorp.” Sitting at the edge of your Google Apps environment, Zix Message Encryption for Apps makes secure email as easy as regular email for your employees. That is, there are no extra steps or passwords needed either to send or to receive encrypted email. This is because key management is fully automated utilizing ZixDirectory, the industry’s largest hosted global directory. Ordering is easy:  just have your Google Apps Super Admin search for Zix Message Encryption for Apps in the Google Apps Marketplace.  Once the site is located, your Super Admin uses their Google Apps login credentials to launch the app and to follow the instructions to order service for up to 35 users – they can keep their existing email addresses provided they’re all on your one domain. Need help? There’s an ordering guide here. You can read more about Zix Message Encryption for Apps by clicking here.

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