Your Zix Team Has Your Back

by ZixCorp

2015-2016It’s the time of year when IT and financial managers review their data security coverage and make adjustments for the coming New Year. Have you increased staffing levels during 2015, or allowed more folks to use BYOD smartphones or tablets to handle their corporate emails? If so, now is the time to add additional licenses for them. As you already know, staff who use Zix Email Encryption benefit from the easiest to use on-premises or cloud-based solution. ZixGateway works in the background – in real time – 24/7. No passwords or extra steps are required for employees or recipients using ZixGateway, allowing them to get on with doing what they do best: their jobs, and enabling you to better protect sensitive data. Don’t risk any of your employees sending unsecured emails. Purchase additional licenses here. The same on-premises or cloud-based ZixGateway that you already have can also be provisioned to provide data loss prevention (DLP) for all your outbound emails. The upgrade is simple and fast, and an additional set of policies adds the ability to detect emails potentially going to the wrong people. Just as with email encryption, ZixDLP works automatically, in the background, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week; and if a suspect email is detected, it is instantly quarantined and an alert is sent both to the sender and to the security manager, allowing them to review the email and its attachments. Thus your company is given a second chance to make absolutely sure that you wish this email to go to that recipient or recipients. Find out more about the value of ZixDLP by clicking here. According to a recent survey, only one third of organizations allow mobile devices to connect to their secure network resources. Why is this? Perhaps they know mobile devices utilizing traditional Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions such as MDM and containerization are subject to multiple vulnerabilities. Savvy companies are discovering that Zix’s revolutionary mobility solution, ZixOne, does not take control of device functionality and does not store any corporate data on the mobile device. Even if a hacker steals a mobile device and hacks into it, because of ZixOne’s server-side authentication, the hacker will not gain access to corporate data. Read more about ZixOne here. As the New Year approaches, why not consider having all your employees fully covered. When it comes to protecting email, your Zix team has your back.   Contact Zix sales here.

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