What’s Hot: The Trends in Email Encryption

by ZixCorp

We do not need to tell you about the rise in data breaches and external threats that is making sensitive data - both personal and corporate - more vulnerable than ever before. Intellectual property, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, financial news, indeed any data that is stored, used or transmitted online and through connected devices is being exploited and monetized by increasingly skilled and motivated hackers. 

This afternoon, we will be pleased to welcome guest speaker Heidi Shey, analyst with Forrester Research, to our Zix Webinar. Ms. Shey will be reminding us that compliance alone is not a strategy; and that when it comes to protecting sensitive data organizations must be self-reliant and not depend on outside agencies or government to help protect this data. Instead, Heidi will tell our audience how to implement a data centric security strategy: how to define, dissect and defend your business critical and sensitive information.

With ten years of experience with Forrester Research, Heidi advises security and risk professionals in solutions for data security and privacy and for security architecture and operations. Her research focus is on data discovery and classification, secure file sharing and collaboration, cybersecurity and privacy.

Please join Heidi and the Zix team this afternoon for our Zix Webinar, What’s Hot: The Trends in Email Encryption, during which time you’ll be able to post questions to her. Register here

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