Survey Series, Part 5: Other Interesting Findings

by Geoff Bibby

During the past four weeks, our survey blog series has covered the key findings of the Ponemon Institute Study. Now let’s dive into other interesting results discovered within the responses.

Current Environment
•Nearly half of all organizations do not require email encryption by employees
•Only 1 percent say that their organizations do not send any messages that need to be encrypted

That means 99 percent believe their organizations DO send messages that need to be encrypted, and yet nearly half of those organizations do not require it. The overlap of these two points is quite significant and leaves many organizations open to data risks.

Outdated Solutions
•Only 42 percent believe their organization has adequate technology solutions for securing sensitive or confidential documents sent by email
•More than 65 percent say their organizations have had their current email encryption solution at least four years

Think about the advancements made in technology over the course of four years. In that span, tablets were introduced and are now projected to replace the desktop computer. Barely anyone had heard of Twitter in 2007; now more than 200 million people have Twitter accounts.

A lot has happened in four years, including enhancements to email encryption. Taking advantage of next-generation email encryption can drastically increase the confidence of the remaining 58 percent who do not believe their organization has adequate technology to manage secure email.

Coming up, our final post of the Survey Blog Series will offer a brief summary on the Ponemon Institute Study and offer insight into next steps for an effective email encryption strategy. So don’t miss out.

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