Survey Series, Part 3: Ease of Use and How It impacts Data Protection

by Geoff Bibby

In Part 1 and Part 2 of our survey series, we stressed the importance of easy-to-use email encryption and how it alleviates concerns about email data loss. It appears we aren’t the only ones who think so. The Ponemon survey found 71 percent of respondents viewed ease of use for recipients as important or very important. Similarly, 68 percent of respondents viewed ease of use for senders as important or very important.

Why put so much emphasis on convenient email encryption? Email is an almost universal business tool. According to Osterman Research, the average user spends more than 146 minutes, or more than two hours, per day emailing. It’s a tool that speeds up work productivity; secure email shouldn’t slow it down. Unfortunately, that’s what most employees are experiencing.

More than half of respondents said senders and receivers are frustrated by their organization’s current email encryption solution. That frustration can be directly linked to complex technology, cumbersome steps and wasted time. It’s this same frustration which causes employees to email in an unsafe manner.

As our CEO and Chairman Rick Spurr suggested in our first ever blog post, simple solutions are necessary for everyday use. “Email encryption must be convenient for senders and receivers, not just IT departments, installers and administrators.” Therefore, prevent frustration and protect data by leveraging next generation solutions that maximize ease of use.

Look for next week’s post, Part 4 of the Survey Blog Series, where we analyze what industries are affected the most by email data loss and why.

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