Protecting the Legal Industry from Hackers

by ZixCorp

With the recent rash of alleged hacking attacks against legal firms, it’s become clear that no business type is immune from cyber-attack. As both hacking tools and “hackers-for-hire” multiply and prosper, not only have incidents of alleged hackings increased dramatically, but also the intellectual complexity of the frauds and the prowess of the perpetrators. That is, the hackers are smart and they collect a great deal of information about their victims in order to increase the chances of their success.

The risks of data being intercepted in transit across the Internet is greater than ever before, and implementing data security measures that protect sensitive client data during transmission in email is one of the most powerful ways to protect your organization. We are very pleased to share with you that Tanya Forsheit of BakerHostetler will be joining our Zix Webinar this Thursday to discuss the increased threats to law firms and how you can protect your relationships and reputation with the proper security measures.

Ms. Forsheit is a trusted counselor who works with clients to address legal requirements and best practices for the protection of customer and employee information. She also serves as privacy counsel to a number of organizations and advises companies on compliance, transactions, and litigation matters involving the use, sharing, and protection of sensitive information.

Please join Tanya Forsheit and Zix this Thursday by registering at: Zix Legal Webinar.

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