Moving to The Cloud with ZixHosted Services

by ZixCorp

Just the other day, I was chatting with a Zix customer who is considering a move from an on-premises mail server to a cloud-based mail server, in his case Office 365 (O365). His company has been using ZixGateway for a number of years as its email encryption service, and he was aware that he could continue to use his on-premises ZixGateway with a cloud-based O365 solution. I suggested that if he is going to migrate to O365 in the cloud, why not also migrate his Zix Email Encryption and DLP solutions to the cloud. ZixHosted CloudThere are great advantages to migrating from an on-premises ZixGateway solution to a hosted solution. For a start, Zix takes up the administration and maintenance responsibility for your email encryption: all upgrades and patches are managed by Zix, as is disaster recovery protection. Your secure email systems are kept fine-tuned and up to date by Zix while your own staff and system resources can be reallocated to focus on their core competencies. Your security staff can now manage your email data protection without requiring special skills. There are options to use O365 or Google Apps, or indeed any cloud email server, while employees can utilize Outlook on their personal computer, or their favorite browser, to send and read their emails – just as they would normally - and most cloud providers that would be used for AS/AV or archiving are supported by ZixHosted. A Zix deployment coordinator will help you set up the hosted environment so that all email connections to the cloud are secured through TLS. ZixHosted solutions are supported by the ZixData Center, staffed 24 hours a day and certified and accredited to the highest standards. If like my Zix customer above, you’re thinking of moving your email to a cloud service and wish the best email encryption and DLP protection in the industry, click on this link to find out more.  

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