Mitnick Interview Goes Live Today

by ZixCorp

You may remember this blog from the last month when I reviewed the then forthcoming Kevin Mitnick video. Well the release date has arrived and today you can watch the forty minute interview of Mitnick by Geoff Bibby.Mitnick-Bibby When in college, Mitnick admits to having been bored with the assignments set by his tutors. He uses the term “prankster” often and states that he never hacked a system to make or to steal money. When asked by Bibby what motivated him back then, Mitnick replies “it was [for the] pursuit of knowledge, challenge, and the seduction of adventure.” Clearly for Mitnick, hacking was a game not intended to hurt anyone. The interview is well worth watching in its own right; however the most important sequence is the email hack. In the studio, Mitnick has set up a demonstration of fiber tapping into emails in transit. He has laptops playing the parts of a user’s device, a company server through which the first device sends emails, and a third to represent a hacker’s device. The user’s device and the server are connected via optical fiber, just as they would be in the real world, and Mitnick introduces a $400 fiber tap that can read the traffic passing between them. Mitnick sends unencrypted emails to and from the user’s device and demonstrates that the hacker can read these emails in real time as they transit the fiber cable. For me, it is clear proof of how easy it is for hackers to read unencrypted emails as they transit the Internet; thus the great need to encrypt emails containing any sensitive information. The video is released today and you can view it by clicking here.

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