Email & Automobiles: Both Need Safety Measures

Prolific is an understatement. Email has become to modern business what the automobile is to transportation. However, like the automobile, email also has risks on the forms of fender benders, pile ups and bad drivers.
According to a recent publication, the world has a whopping 4.3 billion email users generating an average of 269 billion emails per day. Also noteworthy, and as a link to the automobile analogy, 18% of Americans check their email while operating…tsk…tsk.
The point we are driving at is given the rampant use of email, and, the fact it is used as a trusted medium to communicate ideas, share initiatives and transact business, it should come as no surprise email is the attack vector of choice for cybercriminals. When the strength of email security is only as secure as the least knowledgeable or receptive employees, a key question to answer is what organizations can do to avoid inadvertent loss of data and privacy of communications.
With growing regulatory compliance fines and breach of customer trust being front of mind for healthcare, finance services, government, education, and title firms, the need for preventing prying eyes from accessing email and data within or attached to email has never been more pressing. Specifically, many see addressing the problem as both a fiduciary responsibility and a sage business practice.
The application of data loss prevention and encryption technologies is an effective measure to prevent prying eyes from accessing sensitive data and email communication. Through automatic encryption and a seamless user experience, organizations are able to ensure secure lines of communication between senders and recipients. Further, data loss prevention policy filters prevent inadvertent data loss which triggers regulatory fines and business impacts.
As with driving an automobile, rules of the road apply to minimize the occurrence of accidents and ensure a smooth flow of traffic. Given the prolific nature of email-based attacks and the business consequences which can result, encryption and data loss prevention should be perceived as veritable traction control for your organization. These capabilities reduce dependence on employees, bake prudent security into your business communications and processes and establish the application of due care by your organization and its leadership. 
To learn more the advantages of email encryption and data loss prevention, review our ebooks “The Risks of email and the Rewards of Innovative Encryption” and “The Value of Email DLP.”
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