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by Neil Farquharson

Last year in this blog, we told you about the Zix Encryption Network, a growing community of trust with thousands of companies and millions hands inof members participating. We’re happy to share that our Network is continuing to grow, with new companies and new members joining all the time. There is no secret or mystery about why the Zix Encryption Network is so popular. Instead of users being required constantly to check their outgoing emails for sensitive information, and having to remember to follow a time-consuming procedure to encrypt these sensitive emails, members of the Zix Encryption Network need do nothing except hit the “send” button. Zix does the rest. Zix reduces the risk of human error by introducing automatic email encryption. With sophisticated filters, Zix scans every outbound email, in real time, for sensitive information that needs to be protected. For the members of the Zix Encryption Network, all this happens seamlessly, and they need do nothing extra beyond their normal jobs. Having everyone within our community means there is no need for portals or passwords: for recipients who are members, encrypted emails are sent transparently. These emails are automatically decrypted upon receipt and delivered to the recipient’s inbox just as easy to read as regular emails. Nearly 12,000 businesses are now members of the Zix Encryption Network, and of the 1.1 million emails they send every day, a full 75% of these are sent transparently. For the remaining 25% that go to folks who have not yet joined up, decryption is still quick and intuitive. To learn more about the Zix Encryption Network, the world’s largest and most secure email encryption network, click here.

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