Is Your Security Failing?

by ZixCorp

Leaving email unsecured is one of the biggest risks an organization can take, yet many organizations continue to do this. Recently, people from both sides of the US political spectrum were surprised at “revelations” that Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush exposed their business or government related emails by using privately owned email servers or a personally owned smartphone. While they are now apologetic, in retrospect, about doing this, they have what most people regard as credible reasons for doing so: and these reasons generally revolve around expediency and convenience. Like many people at that time – and five or six years is a long time when it comes to technology –  they believed that email security was complex, cumbersome, time consuming and expensive. While addressing security can be expensive, the risks of a breach are far more expensive. The Ponemon Institute has calculated that the total cost of a data breach averages over $5 million per incident. Yet organizations routinely email sensitive financial information and private customer information over the public Internet. Nigel Johnson, vice president of business development at ZixCorp, says that organizations are “taking a calculated risk in deciding not to implement email encryption.” And he is surprised that so many senior executives continue to take this risk. Email controls need to be implemented to protect an organization’s clients, reputation and profits, and despite what Ms. Clinton and Mr. Bush may have been told a few years ago, modern email encryption methods do not have to be complex or time consuming. Zix is recognized as the leader in email encryption and Zix email encryption makes both the sending and receiving of emails quick and easy. So don’t expose your customers, your organization and your reputation with unsecured email, get a secure email solution from Zix.

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