Email Encryption: What’s in a Name?

by Neil Farquharson

We’ve all seen the headlines — The Year of Encryption — but that doesn’t mean people have been able to wrap their minds around the technology. Sure there’s a basic understanding of what it is:

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Used to safeguard personally identifiable information (PII) — think medical records, social security numbers and banking information — email encryption could be the difference between a lawsuit and front-page headline, and a healthy successful business in day-to-day business communications.

But how does it work? And is it easy to use?

If you’re using an outdated, cumbersome solution, it can be anything but easy to understand. And when the “how to” isn’t exactly clear, you don’t want to rely on your employees using the fingers-crossed method, hoping sensitive information doesn’t leak into the wild each time an email is sent.

With Zix, there are no hops to jump through. Just an easy-to-use (ultra-secure) email encryption solution that everyone in an organization can love!

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