Customer Spotlight - ZixCorp Gives Foster Swift Collins & Smith True Email Security

by ZixCorp

When it comes to the legal industry, there are no bounds to the amount of sensitive information an attorney might have access to. From personal client information to sensitive corporate documents, law firms are regularly in possession of and transmit a wealth of information that could be harmful if it ended up in the wrong hands.

This unfortunate truth is part of the reason why The American Bar Association (ABA) states in Model Rule 1.6 that when transmitting information related to the representation of a client, “the lawyer must take reasonable precautions to prevent the information from coming into the hands of unintended recipients.”

Many in the legal industry still rely on confidentiality disclaimers within emails that do little to deter unwanted eyes from falling on sensitive information. Taking data protection seriously, Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC, a Michigan law firm with five locations and over 190 employees, instead implemented Zix Email Encryption.

According to John Bonandrini, director of Information Technology at Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC, the law firm’s goal is to stay ahead of its clients’ security needs. “With more awareness on the risk of email and a broader application of regulations such as HIPAA to business associates, email encryption is a valuable addition to our data protection strategy,” says Bonandrini.

With an eye on security and ease of use, the team at Foster Swift turned to Zix for a solution that protects client data but does not disrupt the flow of business. With Zix, the team at Foster Swift doesn’t have to worry about sensitive information ending up in the wrong hands or clients getting frustrated with an overly complicated system.

“Zix’s ease of use, along with its strong reputation in finance, insurance and healthcare, reassured us that its email encryption was the best choice,” added Bonandrini.

Law firms don’t have to gamble with unsecure confidentiality disclaimers. By implementing email encryption, they can fulfill both their ethical and legal obligations to clients.

Here’s more on Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC:

  • Full service law firm founded in 1902
  • Employees include 90+ attorneys and over 100 support staff
  • Five locations in Michigan, including Lansing, Detroit, Farmington Hills, Grand Rapids and Hollans
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