BYOD: Don’t Let It Become “Bring Your Own Lawsuit”

by ZixCorp

The boundaries of BYOD are being pushed – not just by employees who want to take advantage of this trend but by employers trying to protect their corporate data. As a result, the legal risks of BYOD have risen as a top concern for businesses developing programs or managing existing ones. Understanding those risks and how they fit within your company environment will assist you and your company in successfully rolling out and maintaining BYOD policies and programs that meet both employer and employee needs.

To help you address the legal risks and ask the right questions, we hosted the webinar BYOD: Don’t Let It Become “Bring Your Own Lawsuit” featuring mobile expert Michael Finneran, author of InformationWeek’s “State of Mobile Security,” and Zix general counsel Jim Brashear, whose legal experience includes data security, technology, cloud computing and corporate compliance.

Together Finneran and Brashear provide both practical and legal insight into:
•What risks accompany control over employee personal devices?
•What risks arise from storing company data on employee personal devices?
•What teams should be involved in crafting BYOD policy?
•Must companies compensate employees for business use of personal devices?
•How do you address employees’ privacy concerns?
•Do employees work in containers?
•Can a company prohibit jailbreaking, blacklist particular apps or ban BYOD altogether?
•Can you rely on remote wipe?
•How important are BYOD policies and training?
•Should you provide tailored solutions or a one-size-fits-all approach?

To hear their perspectives, please access the archived webinar here.

Have additional questions? Ask them in our comments section, and we’ll provide our experts’ responses in future blog posts.

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