BYOD: A Fresh Perspective - Avoid a Bring-Your-Own-Disaster

by ZixCorp

Ready to jump on the BYOD bandwagon? Hold on, because it could be a bumpy ride.

At first look, BYOD seems like an obvious choice for companies and their employees. Workers stay connected to office email and work applications anytime and anywhere on their favorite personal devices. Companies gain a happier, more productive workforce.

Yet BYOD is a long way from nirvana. Companies are forced to walk on a tightrope between IT security and personal privacy. Done poorly, it has the potential to turn BYOD into Bring-Your-Own-Disaster.

The disaster aspect can come into play when boundaries are violated – from the company being perceived as “Big Brother,” to corporate liability for lost personal data after a device is wiped, to an employee downloading blacklisted apps or malware on the device.

Is there a way to empower employees without compromising security – or violating personal or corporate boundaries?

Next Tuesday, March 25, ZixCorp’s Nigel Johnson and Geoff Bibby will be at Boston SecureWorld discussing how companies can overcome the disadvantages of traditional BYOD approaches to avoid a disaster scenario.

Make sure to stop by Room 104 from 1:15pm – 2:00pm if you’re at the event!

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