Increasing Our DLP Capabilities with Industry Leader Digital Guardian

by Kelly Haggerty

It wasn’t long ago that data loss prevention (DLP) was an intimidating and complicated technology. Timelines were long. Outside consultants were a must, and costs were high. Success stories bragged about customer deployments that were up and running in 18 months. Such “success” was difficult to swallow for most organizations, and we heard those overwhelming challenges as we listened to our customers.
Understanding email was the most vulnerable channel of data loss and protecting email was Zix’s greatest strength, we launched email DLP capabilities to help our customers address their top risk in significantly less time and with minimal costs. These DLP capabilities now combine under ZixEncrypt with our industry-leading email encryption, and for many of our small- and medium-sized customers, these DLP capabilities continue to meet their data protection needs. However, enterprise customers are requiring more. With increasing cyber threats and breach headlines published daily, large organizations are looking to expand their data protection with the right solution and the right partner.
Building on Trusted Relationships
We’ve gained the trust of 19,000 organizations by focusing on the protection of business communication for our customers and their communities. Our customers rely on us for industry-leading solutions and superior support, and partnering with Digital Guardian enabled us to continue meeting those expectations and evolving with our customers’ needs.
Whereas the DLP capabilities of ZixEncrypt provide added control and increased visibility in email, Digital Guardian’s enterprise DLP goes beyond email to monitor and control data at rest and in transit, across the network and in the cloud. With a data-centric approach, enterprise customers can use the combined solutions of Digital Guardian and Zix to:
  • Gain comprehensive insight and control into your data and its locations
  • Easily remediate data if its location violates policies
  • Monitor across email web mail, HTTP/S, FTP/S, TCP/IP and web apps
  • Automate convenient, encrypted email with ZixEncrypt if sensitive data is permitted to leave your network
  • Improve compliance with privacy and data protection regulations
The Strengths of Our Combined Solutions
In working with Digital Guardian and Zix for DLP needs, our customers can be confident in solutions that not only apply comprehensive content classification for regulatory compliance but also extend filtering and automatic encryption for non-compliance DLP needs. This protection is critical as the value of company data continues to rise, whether it be proprietary customer base information, source code, product and budget planning documents or other confidential information. So no matter if the content should be protected because it’s proprietary or required by regulatory obligations, our customers know sensitive data is where it should be and sent securely in email with ZixEncrypt.
In addition to strong content classification and combined capabilities, Zix is offering Digital Guardian’s enterprise DLP at a reduced upfront cost. With an annual subscription model, our customers can balance the costs of enterprise DLP without an initial financial burden.
All of these benefits enable our customers to easily expand their protection with industry-leading enterprise DLP through Zix, a relationship they know and trust today. To learn more about Zix’s partnership with Digital Guardian and how our solutions work together, visit https://www.zixcorp.com/about-us/partners/strategic-partners/digital-guardian.
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