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Using proven policy filters, your emails and attachments are scanned automatically. If a policy filter is triggered, ZixQuarantine blocks the email from leaving your network and quarantines it for review. The frequency of employees hitting ‘send’ makes email data loss a top concern, but reviewing a high number of quarantined emails could become overwhelming and disruptive to your company. To minimize the impact while optimizing protection, ZixQuarantine gives you the control to distribute review among your IT team, department managers who know their team and responsibilities best and trusted employees who may not have realized the sensitivity of their emails.

How ZixQuarantine Works

With a simple and intuitive experience, ZixQuarantine protects your employees, company and customers by giving you a second chance to review sensitive emails that may create compliance and corporate risks.


Convenient user experience

Once an email is quarantined, your employees receive a notification email to view the message and policy violations and can delete the email or, at your discretion, justify and release the email.



Easy management of quarantined messages

IT and employee managers receive a similar notification email to view the quarantined messages, review policy violations and delete or justify and release the email.



Administration made simple

You don’t have the time to deal with a complicated DLP system. So setting up users and policies is as simple as a few clicks.



Valuable audit reporting

Understand your risks by reviewing quick summaries or dive into the details for a full audit trail of what emails are leaving your company.


ZixQuarantine Benefits

ZixQuarantine makes data loss prevention easy to use for employees, managers and administrators. And by just tackling email, you add a cost-effective solution to your security and compliance arsenal. What else you ask?

  • Easy admin capabilities

    Easily define policies. Release or delete quarantined messages with a single click. All through an intuitive interface with many more admin options.

  • Enhanced Visibility

    In monitoring quarantine activities and trends, you gain insight into your organization and can improve behavior for better compliance.

  • Employee education

    By seeing what triggered quarantining, employees become more alert to the sensitivity of valuable information.