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Prevent malware, ransomware and other advanced threats from compromising your email and your business.

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Advanced Threat Protection with ZixProtect

Sophisticated attacks demand a sophisticated solution. With a multi-layer approach and live email security experts, ZixProtect takes out the guess work with protection from ransomware, malware, spearphishing, and more to keep your email, employees, and business safe from the latest threats.

How ZixProtect Works

It only takes one malicious email to infiltrate your network or take hostage your data. Minimize that risk with the right solution, the right approach and the right people behind it.


Layers of Email Protection

ZixProtect analyzes multiple characteristics of email, starting with IP addresses and URLs. ZixProtect then examines content for targeted phrases, campaign patterns and both known and zero-hour malware attacks.



Strengthening Accuracy

Real-time threat analysts, automated traffic analysis and machine learning enhance ZixProtect to prevent email threats from entering inboxes and keep legitimate email flowing.


ZixProtect Benefits

With the pace and sophistication of advanced email threats, you and your employees need a reliable solution that stays ahead of the game. You've found it in ZixProtect.

  • Reduced Threats

    Layers of protection and re-filtering minimize risks with 99.5% accuracy.

  • Real-Time Updates

    Our analysts are energized and ready to combat the latest email threats 24/7/365.

  • Improved Email Flow

    Delivery of the right emails keeps communication and business moving.

  • Easy Integration

    Seamlessly combine ZixProtect and ZixEncrypt to protect inbound and outbound email.

  • One-Step Deployment

    Simply route your MX record to ZixProtect and experience the benefits immediately.

  • Custom Controls

    Fine-tuning isn't required but absolutely available to meet your unique needs.

ZixProtect Bundles

Choose the solution that works best for your email protection and compliance needs.

  • Essentials

    Includes email threat protection and business email continuity.

  • Plus

    Adds targeted threat protection with attachment assurance and time-of-click link defense.

  • Premium

    Enhances your solution with automatic email encryption and DLP.

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