The Promises of BYOD Delivered.

BYOD sounded like the best IT idea ever. Then security and compliance tripped you up. Let us help you get back to goodness.

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BYOD Security with ZixOne

You work hard to keep your network secure. Why allow company data to reside outside your secure network on countless mobile devices? With ZixOne's advanced BYOD security, you control access to corporate email, calendar and contacts. If a mobile device is lost or stolen, you simply disable access, and your data is secure. By implementing a no-data-on-the-device approach, you benefit from all the promises of BYOD and make your team, employees and executives happy in the process.

How ZixOne Works

Achieve all the benefits of BYOD without the hassle or risk through the ZixOne app and management console.


Secure Mobile email the way it should be… easy

Work email through ZixOne looks and feels the same as your employees’ typical email application.



Easy integration with email encryption

Simply slide the ‘encrypt’ button to ensure emails are secure from the device and in transit.



Admin controls with true peace of mind

Create, suspend and check on usability with the greatest of ease through the ZixOne management console.


ZixOne Benefits

BYOD promised happy employees, happy IT and happy executives. Other BYOD security approaches may have fallen short, but ZixOne delivers.

  • Employee experience

    Skip the usual employee complaints by delivering a user experience your employees already know and love.

  • Proven security

    If you rely on remote wiping, there’s no guarantee it worked. ZixOne protects your data and gives you compliance reporting to prove it.

  • Employee privacy

    By only controlling access to corporate email, your employees maintain control of their devices, data and privacy.

  • Corporate protection

    With access to your data but not the device, employees keep their personal lives private and you reduce corporate liability.

  • Improved compliance

    By relying on access control instead of remote wiping, your employees are more likely to report lost or stolen devices immediately.

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