ZixIt Corporation Announces ZixMail(TM) Agreement With Hughes & Luce, L.L.P.

DALLAS, Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- ZixIt Corporation (Nasdaq: ZIXI) announced today that Hughes & Luce, L.L.P., a full-service law firm and a leader in representing technology clients, will adopt ZixMail(TM), a secure messaging system based on ZixIt Corporation's 1024-bit encryption and Digital Signature technology.

ZixMail will enable Hughes & Luce to communicate securely with anyone in the world who has an email address, by encrypting and digitally signing email communications and their attachments. The ZixIt Worldwide Signature Server, which is a secure computing facility with the capacity to store and distribute encryption codes for every email address in the world, provides centralized retrieval of encryption codes and digital signatures for all users. ZixMail messages are then encrypted at the users' desktops and sent through the normal Internet email system.

William A. McCormack, managing partner of Hughes & Luce, said, "As one of the original technology law firms, we are pleased to be one of the first adopters of ZixMail. ZixMail is a secure email solution that we can recommend to all our clients. It's easy to use. No matter what email system our clients are using, we can use ZixMail to communicate securely with them. With ZixMail's certified receipt feature, we will have accurate and irrefutable corporate records that track when our clients have opened secure emails. ZixMail will not only make our online communications with clients more secure and convenient, it will also enable us to reduce our firm's shipping and postage charges."

Doug Kramp, chief executive officer of ZixMail.com, Inc., commented, "Law firms need to be able to offer a secure, convenient, and affordable email solution to their clients, regardless of their clients' email systems or geographical locations. This agreement demonstrates that ZixMail is that universal solution."

Hughes & Luce (www.hughesluce.com) is a full-service, results-oriented law firm with more than 160 lawyers in Dallas, Austin and Houston, Texas. The firm's six year-old Internet Law/ E-commerce Practice Group was one of the first to emerge in the United States. The firm has served as lead counsel to San Francisco-based Internet leaders CNET (cnet.com) and Snap.com from their earliest days as start-up companies. Hughes & Luce recently completed the merger resulting in the formation of NBCi (NBC Internet). This practice group has extensive E-commerce and Internet contracting experience, having worked on transactions with major players in the Internet space including Yahoo, America Online (AOL), and Amazon.com, as well as hardware and telecommunications entities such as Cisco Systems, Dell Computer and ASDL technology development start-ups and numerous Internet companies. Hughes & Luce began representing Electronic Data Systems Corporation 25 years ago and today represents, in addition to EDS, Perot Systems Corporation and Affiliated Computer Systems, Inc., three of the largest information technology outsourcing companies in the world.

Hughes & Luce is organized into nine formal practice groups including: business and corporate, real estate, tax, outsourcing and technology, labor and employment, litigation, financial services, public law, and bankruptcy. The firm combines the talent and expertise of its lawyers into multi-disciplinary teams that are designed to identify the legal and business needs of its clients and to develop service strategies that provide exceptional support.

ZixIt Corporation is the developer and owner of ZixIt(TM) Digital Signature and encryption technology. Products currently under development include: ZixMail(TM), a secure Internet-messaging system; and ZixCharge(TM), an Internet transaction authorization system. For further investor information about ZixIt, visit the company's Web site at www.zixit.com or contact investor relations at 972-702-7057.

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