CustomTracks Corporation to Introduce ZixMail(TM) and Change Name to ZixIt Corporation at Annual Meeting of Shareholders Opens New Secure Data Center for Worldwide Operations

DALLAS, Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- CustomTracks Corporation (Nasdaq: CUST) announced today that it will officially introduce ZixMail(TM), its new secure messaging system, to shareholders and change its name to ZixIt Corporation, with shareholder approval, at its annual meeting, to be held on September 14, 1999, in Dallas. The company also announced that it has opened its new secure data center, a state-of-the-art facility housing the ZixMail worldwide signature server.

ZixMail enables Internet users worldwide to send and receive encrypted and digitally signed email communications without changing their existing email addresses or their existing email systems.

Mark Tebbe, chairman of Lante Corporation, commented, "We are excited about this new product. ZixMail enhances any user's email system with features that leapfrog what is available from today's existing encryption and digital signature solutions. Whether using Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Lotus Notes, cc:Mail, AOL, or any of the HTTP mail services such as Hotmail or Yahoo, ZixMail users will be able to benefit from encrypted and compressed messages with unbreakable security at a very economical price for business users and free for individuals." Lante Corporation, which is working with CustomTracks to develop the new product, is a recognized provider of electronic commerce solutions. Mr. Tebbe also serves on CustomTracks' board of directors.

David P. Cook, chairman and chief executive officer of CustomTracks Corporation, said, "The opening of our secure data center marks the beginning of our product rollout cycle. The facility has the capacity to store and distribute encryption keys for every email address in the world and the processing ability to issue 2.5 million real-time, signed and time-stamped single-use digital certificates per hour. The power and reliability of Sun Starfire(TM) servers, IBM DB2(TM) databases, and EMC Symmetrix(TM) storage systems make this a true 24/7 center."

Mr. Cook added, "Our new East and West Coast HTTP/SMTP relay systems, located in Herndon, Virginia, and in San Jose, California, each contain some 32 Sun servers and over 1 trillion bytes of storage. These systems can forward approximately 4 million encrypted ZixMail messages per hour. These special relays will enable users of AOL, MSN Hotmail, Yahoo, and Netscape WebMail to use 'hard' encryption for the first time." A Fact Sheet describing the company's secure data center and HTTP/SMTP relay system architecture is attached.

CustomTracks Corporation is the developer and owner of the ZixIt(TM) Digital Signature and encryption technology. Products currently under development include: ZixMail(TM), a secure Internet-messaging system; and ZixCharge(TM), an Internet transaction authorization system. The company plans to change its name to ZixIt Corporation, pending shareholder approval at the annual meeting, to be held September 14, 1999, in Dallas. For further investor information about CustomTracks, visit the company's Web site at www.customtracks.com or contact investor relations at 972-702-7057.

FACT SHEET (9/01/99)

ZixMail(TM) Secure Data Center

    Security        Access to floor restricted
                    Building security controlled 24 hrs.
                    Multiple cameras record all access points on floor
                    Multi-level zone security using badge and biometric hand
                    Manned 24 hrs by operations personnel and security guards

    Communications  3 redundantly configured DS3 (45 Mbit) fiber connections
                    3 independent ISPs
                    Redundant Cisco 7500 routers
                    Redundant F5 Big IP Load balancers

    Power           Redundant electrical feeds from two independent utility
                    power grids
                    Redundant 400 kw UPS systems
                    1000 kw diesel generator located underground
                    4 redundantly configured Power Distribution Units (PDU's)

    Fire            Redundant smoke detector and Very Early Smoke Detection
                    Above and below floor FM200 fire suppression

    A/C             6 chilled water A/C systems (30-tons each)
                    Chilled water is redundant using two independent chilled
                    water sources
                    2 redundantly configured under-floor water detection
                    Under floor emergency water drain

    ZixMail Production System
    Application Servers  2 Sun ("Starfires") Enterprise 10000 Application
                         Currently 64 CPUs  --  Expandable to 128 CPUs
                         2.5 million "signed" and time-stamped digital
                         certificates per hour

    Web Servers          96 Sun UltraSparc Web Servers
                         Expansion facilities in place for 224 additional
                         40,000 transactions per second, initial capacity

    Key DB Servers       2 Sun Enterprise 4500 Servers (16 CPUs)
                         IBM DB2(TM) Universal Database for Solaris
                         Initial capacity of 5,000 database transactions per

    Other DB Servers     2 Sun Enterprise 4500 Servers (Trusted Third Party)
                         1 Sun Enterprise 4500 Server (Clearing House)
                         1 Sun Enterprise 4500 Server (Tape Backup)

    Offline Storage      StorageTek automated tape library (360-tape capacity)
                         12-20 Terabytes (1 Terabyte is equal to 1,000 GB)

    Online Storage       3 EMC Symmetrix(TM) 3830 Enterprise Storage units
                         3.4 Terabytes currently  --  expandable to 10.2
                         1 Terabyte stores encryption keys for 250 million
                         email addresses

    ZixMail(TM) HTTP/SMTP Relay Systems
    East Coast           Herndon, Virginia
                         32 Sun UltraSparc Web Servers
                         MTI Gladiator 6700 (1 Terabyte online storage)
                         2 million emails per hour throughput, 100K avg.
                         compressed size

    West Coast           San Jose, California
                         32 Sun UltraSparc Web Servers
                         MTI Gladiator 6700 (1 Terabyte online storage)
                         2 million emails per hour throughput, 100K avg.
                         compressed size

    ZixMail Test Systems
    Test                 Miniature architecture of production system,
                         including web, application and database servers

    Preproduction        Miniature architecture of production system,
                         including web, application and database servers

    Mail Relay           Miniature architecture of West and East Coast
                         HTTP/SMTP relay systems
                         MTI Gladiator 6700 (1 Terabyte online storage)

    Load Generation      32 Sun UltraSparc servers simulating load on test or
                         production environments

    ZixMail Administrative Systems
    Configuration Mgt.   System used to record modifications to application
                         and system software

    Trouble Ticketing    System used to record and track production system or
                         network problems

    Net-Ops Center       System used to monitor hardware and software

    In/Out bound Mail    Servers supporting in and outbound mail to

    ZixMail Customer Response Center Systems
    Email Response       3 Intel-based servers
                         Intelligent response capacity of 20,000 inquiries per
                         Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
                         Integrated Voice Response (IVR)
                         40 response stations completed, 16 currently manned
                         Management staff of 4
                         Support staff of 6

SOURCE  CustomTracks Corporation