ZixIt Expands Family of Secure Messaging Solutions With ZixBlast and ZixVPM

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 11, 2001--

        New Products Add Tracking Capabilities for High Volume
        Secure Messaging and Introduce Server-Based Encrypted
                    Messaging Without Desktop Keys

ZixIt Corp. (Nasdaq: ZIXI), a leading provider of products and services that bring privacy, security, and convenience to Internet communications, today introduced two new products - ZixBlast(TM) and ZixVPM(TM) (Zix Virtual Private Mail(TM)) - that broaden its family of innovative, flexible, and secure email products for corporate users.

ZixBlast will allow enterprises to track messages and receive cumulative reports detailing receipt confirmations for customized, encrypted, time and date stamped emails sent via ZixMail(TM) to large volumes of recipients. With ZixBlast, for example, financial service providers will be able to send large quantities of individually tailored notifications and statements to their customers securely via email, generate logs of messages sent, and receive periodic reports of messages opened by recipients.

ZixVPM is a server-based, highly secure solution for email sent over the Internet that allows IT administrators to ensure that all email sent beyond a company's firewall by specified individuals or departments is encrypted. Transparent to end users, ZixVPM does not require encryption keys on desktop systems and is a less-expensive, more-flexible alternative to complex Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) or other server-side encryption solutions on the market. Healthcare providers will be able to distribute insurance and medical records over the Internet securely and rapidly with ZixVPM, helping them to comply with guidelines of The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

"With ZixBlast, ZixIt is meeting the requirements of customers who need to send large volumes of customized, sensitive information by a safe and confidential means and with a full audit trail of each communication," said David Cook, ZixIt president and CEO. "ZixVPM gives CIOs and IT administrators the authority they need to automatically enforce Internet security rules and policies for employees who send extremely sensitive and valuable data over the Internet."

Mr. Cook added, "The interoperability between these new products, our current ZixMail and ZixMail.net(TM) products, and virtually any email system available provides the Internet security marketplace with an unparalleled level of adaptability that has not been available until now. This simplified approach can also significantly improve our customers' cost models for enhancing secure communications throughout and beyond the corporate structure."

ZixBlast, which is now in beta testing, is scheduled to be generally available within approximately 45 days. ZixVPM is scheduled to be generally available by the end of the year. Pricing for ZixBlast will be based on volume of transactions committed. Detailed pricing information for both new products will be available at a later date.

ZixBlast and ZixVPM complement ZixIt's flagship product, ZixMail, a secure desktop-to-desktop email encryption solution. Introduction of these new products expands ZixIt's capabilities and enables the company to deploy bundled solutions. ZixIt products improve Internet communication security beyond the firewall, serving as natural extensions to customers' corporate security policies.

ZixIt Corp. provides innovative, affordable, easy-to-use products and services that enhance security, privacy, and convenience for Internet users. ZixIt's state-of-the-art secure data center has the capacity, scalability, and infrastructure to easily support encryption keys for every email address in the world. ZixIt's enterprise-class secure messaging solutions ensure seamless, secure delivery of electronic messages to anyone, anywhere. Additional information about ZixIt can be found at www.zixit.com.

Note to technology editors: Additional product details are available by contacting appropriate ZixIt representatives at the above phone numbers and email addresses.

            ZixBlast(TM) - Secure Electronic Messaging and
              Tracking Solution for High-Volume Emailers

Potential ZixBlast(TM) users include corporations that want an enterprise solution for secure and customized email messaging on a large-scale basis. Functionalities and features of ZixBlast include:

  • Auditing and reporting functions. Detailed transaction logs of messages sent can be generated. Cumulative reports providing time-stamped "message opened" information for each recipient's email address will be provided daily.

  • Integration. ZixBlast integrates with existing corporate email systems to provide cost-effective bulk email encryption with a simple interface.

  • Multiple applications. ZixBlast can be used to send individualized or bulk material, such as notifications, newsletters, financial statements, benefits information, trade confirmations, and direct marketing emails.

  • Requirements. ZixBlast operates in both Solaris(R) and Windows(R) environments. Minimum hardware and connectivity requirements: Pentium III, 128 MB RAM, and a T-1 connection to the Internet.

  • Pricing. ZixBlast is a low-cost solution with declining per-message costs based on volume commitments. Detailed information will be available at a later date.

ZixVPM(TM) - Enterprise-Wide Email Solution

Potential ZixVPM(TM) users include corporations that have a universal and continual need to ensure that email communications sent to parties outside the corporate domain comply with an in-house security policy. Functionalities and features of ZixVPM include:

  • Enterprise-ready solution. No desktop software is required. ZixVPM is easily and rapidly deployed across the enterprise at the server level.

  • Unsurpassed flexibility and scalability. Corporate email encryption policies can be set enterprise-wide or scaled down to individual email addresses for departments, teams, or persons to automatically secure appropriate email messages, with the entire process being transparent to the end user. Third-party policy tools can also be used with ZixVPM.

  • Outsourced security. IT staff will not have to manage locally stored keys, as they do with PKI installations.

  • Requirements. ZixVPM runs on the Solaris(R) operating system. When required, ZixIt can provide both the software and the hardware required for deployment.

  • Pricing. Detailed information will be available at a later date.

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