ZixIt Announces Seamless Integration of Secure Messaging Technology into Lotus Notes Client; Secures Highly Vulnerable External Email Messages

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 25, 2001--

             New ZixMail(TM) Plug-In for Lotus Notes Gives
           Notes Users Simple Access to 1024-bit Encryption
                     for Internet-bound Messages

ZixIt Corporation (Nasdaq: ZIXI), a leading provider of products and services that bring privacy, security, and convenience to Internet communications, announced today that a ZixMail(TM) plug-in application for Lotus(R) Notes(R) is now generally available, giving Notes users seamless access to ZixIt's Internet security technology directly from within the Notes client interface. ZixMail addresses the pressing need among Lotus Notes users to guarantee the security of sensitive and confidential material sent across the Internet. With more than 76 million users worldwide, Lotus Notes is the world's leading corporate messaging platform.

ZixMail is an easy and affordable way for companies and individuals to send email that is private, secure, and certified. Improving the security of electronic communications sent internally and beyond firewalls into the Internet, ZixMail, with its irrefutable certified receipt feature, is a useful everyday business tool, as well as a natural extension to a company's corporate security policy.

"The new ZixMail plug-in for Lotus Notes, along with the Microsoft(R) Outlook(R) plug-in, makes using ZixMail an easy decision for the 145 million corporate messaging seats that IDC estimates are in use today," said ZixIt Chairman Jeff Papows. "As more and more messaging and data move beyond the firewall, we expect ZixMail to play a vital role in ensuring that corporate information will stay secure and confidential."

The new ZixMail plug-in for Lotus Notes is available as a specific upgrade from ZixMail 1.4. The plug-in enables Lotus Notes users to easily send secure and authenticated Internet messages directly from their regular Notes client software to any email address in the world regardless of whether or not the recipient is a ZixMail user. Companies that use Lotus Notes now have a cost-effective resource for improving the level of security and confidentiality of their information without the need to purchase and install costly hardware and software upgrades.

"With the ZixIt sales force solidified, we have established our pipeline for a Notes-compatible solution. Now we can demonstrate ZixMail's competitive strengths and unique set of benefits in a Lotus Notes environment," said Steve Gersten, senior vice president of sales and marketing. "In addition to our own direct sales efforts, the worldwide sales force of IT Factory -- our partner and one of the largest developers of applications for Lotus Notes -- also will be marketing and installing our ZixMail plug-in for Lotus Notes."

The ZixMail plug-in for Lotus Notes supports Lotus Notes R4.5, R4.6, and R5 and is available for a free 30-day trial period. Annual licenses for unlimited use per email address are available for $24. The plug-in is available for corporate customers directly from ZixIt by completing a contact form at www.zixit.com.

In addition, ZixMail provides all registered email users with the following set of powerful features:

  • Simple "add-in" installation for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook

  • Ability to instantaneously send secure messages to any email address in the world

  • Strong 1024-bit public/private key encryption to ensure that only intended recipients can open ZixMail messages

  • Digital signature technology to authenticate the sender of each ZixMail message and to ensure the integrity of the message itself

  • State-of-the-art data center offering real-time distribution and validation of public keys to eliminate the burden of manually storing and exchanging keys with other email users

  • External time-stamping to irrefutably establish the time each message was sent

  • Certified delivery receipt that irrefutably establishes the time the message was opened

  • Compression of each message and all attachments to ensure faster transmission rates for larger files

  • Capacity to process signatures and keys for every email address in the world

ZixIt Corporation provides products and services that enhance security, privacy, and convenience for users of the Internet. The company's ZixMail product is a secure email application and service that enables Internet users worldwide to easily send encrypted and digitally signed communications using their existing email systems and addresses. For more information on ZixMail or the ZixMail plug-in for Lotus Notes, visit www.zixit.com, email sales@zixit.com, or call 214-370-2000. For investor information, email invest@zixit.com, or call 214-515-7357.



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