ZixIt and sNET Announce Agreement to Incorporate ZixMail into Advanced Network Security Solutions; Advanced Security Alert Protection System Enhanced by Secure Email Application

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 17, 2001--ZixIt Corporation (Nasdaq:ZIXI), a leading provider of products and services that bring privacy, security, and convenience to Internet communications, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with sNET Systems Corporation, the leading developer of distributed network deception management solutions, which allows sNET to integrate the use of ZixIt's ZixMail(TM) secure email service within sNET's advanced computer network security solutions worldwide.

sNET's security solutions are designed to trap and catch intruders as they attack corporate, military, and governmental computer networks. The integration of ZixMail allows sNET's security systems to send secure email notifications to designated recipients when a network security breach is detected.

"Thanks to the ease of use and sophistication of the ZixMail protocol and transport, the secure messaging system allows our attack alerts to be sent encrypted via email, without having to rely on the complexities of traditional public and private key infrastructure," said Barry Schlossberg, security strategist and architect of sNET. "The inherent convenience and superior encryption technology of ZixMail are key attributes we need to ensure that our clients receive effective network security detection and notification. ZixMail's irrefutable time-stamped delivery receipt is an added feature that further solidified our decision to partner with ZixIt."

Incorporating ZixMail into the network security systems that sNET develops for its clients will enable sNET to send secure email notification with 1,024-bit encryption once a security "trigger" has been tripped. These "triggers" are established in purposely opened "back doors" to computer networks that, when tripped by an intruder, enable the site to catch or deter the perpetrator before any damage is caused to an organization's computer system.

"This integration of ZixMail into the world's most advanced security systems is an exciting prospect for ZixIt. It speaks volumes about the level of security and functionality that ZixMail provides," said Steve Gersten, senior vice president of sales and marketing for ZixIt Corporation. "sNET has a reputation for implementing the most technologically advanced network security systems in the largest international companies, government agencies, and advanced military organizations. We look forward to working with these clients and the opportunity to extend ZixMail throughout their organizations."

The agreement allows for the secure ZixMail service to be incorporated into sNET solutions developed for sNET's current and future clients, beginning immediately. The agreement includes an annual license fee for every client.

Tampa, Fla.-based sNET, www.snetcorp.com, is one of the emerging U.S. developers of security software and hardware for large multi-national businesses, international military, and governmental agencies. In addition to its proprietary network security systems, sNET houses a highly regarded security team specializing in crisis intervention and pursuit.

ZixIt Corporation provides products and services that enhance security, privacy, and convenience for users of the Internet. The company's ZixMail(TM) product is a secure document delivery and private email application and service that enables Internet users worldwide to easily send encrypted and digitally signed communications using their existing email systems and addresses. For more information, email sales@zixit.com, call 214-370-2000, or visit www.zixit.com. For ZixIt investor information, call 214/515-7357 or email invest@zixit.com.


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