ZixIt and Entrust Technologies Announce Strategic Marketing Agreement; Entrust to Enable Its Customers to Use SecureDelivery's Send-to-Anyone Service

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 7, 2000--ZixIt Corporation (Nasdaq:ZIXI), premier provider of products and services that bring privacy and security to Internet communications, and Entrust Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:ENTU), a global leader in solutions that bring trust to e-business, today announced a strategic marketing agreement to drive the use of secure email over the Internet.

As part of the agreement, Entrust will enable its secure email product, Entrust/Express(TM) Software, to route messages through SecureDelivery.com(TM), ZixIt's secure-messaging portal.

Entrust Technologies, Inc. is the first provider of secure S/MIME e-mail solutions and public-key encryption technology to empower its customers to utilize SecureDelivery's unique interoperability capabilities. The SecureDelivery architecture has been designed to provide full encryption interoperability between S/MIME, PGP, ZixMail(TM), and other message formats.

ZixIt Chairman Jeff Papows said, "This strategic relationship allows both Entrust and ZixIt to significantly extend the reach of their markets and their sales efforts. Customers of Entrust's secure messaging product, Entrust/Express Software, will gain the ability to send secure messages to email users who do not have decryption software. For ZixIt, we are able to leverage Entrust's existing marketing efforts, and in effect, exponentially increase our own sales effort overnight."

John A. Ryan, president and chief executive officer of Entrust Technologies Inc., commented on the new agreement, "ZixIt's SecureDelivery service enables our customers to communicate securely with any email address in the world. Entrust is committed to providing its customers with the most advanced secure-messaging solutions available."

Additionally, Entrust users will be able to take advantage of one of SecureDelivery's newest, most revolutionary features, the ability for SecureDelivery to convert encrypted messages addressed to them -- regardless of incoming format -- into S/MIME formatted messages that can be delivered directly to the Entrust user's email inbox.

As a result of these two powerful SecureDelivery capabilities, Entrust users will be able to both send and receive secure messages in the S/MIME format that is already familiar to them, even if their email correspondents are not set up to use S/MIME.

David P. Cook, president and chief executive officer of ZixIt Corporation, said, "We are very pleased to have teamed with Entrust on these new technology and marketing efforts. Integration of SecureDelivery services into Entrust's industry-leading Entrust/Express solution will further differentiate Entrust from its competitors. This relationship is a very important step in our efforts to complete a series of strategic agreements that will make SecureDelivery.com the Internet hub for secure messaging."

Entrust Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq:ENTU) is a global leader in solutions that bring trust to e-business relationships by securing and managing the transactions that constitute e-business. Through the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of trusted e-business infrastructure solutions, Entrust Technologies enables customers to secure their B2B, B2C and internal enterprise transactions and communications, as well as to manage the e-business portals through which these transactions take place. Today, Entrust serves more than 1,500 customers worldwide.

Entrust Technologies pioneered the public-key infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificate solutions that provide security for business transactions and communications over the Internet, wireless or mobile networks.

Entrust Technologies has offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and France, a European product development center in Zurich, and distributors throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. The company's headquarters is in Texas with offices across North America and Asia Pacific. See http://www.entrust.com.

ZixIt Corporation provides products and services that enhance security, privacy, and convenience for users of the Internet. Principal services include: SecureDelivery.com(TM) -- an Internet secure-messaging portal, and ZixMail(TM) -- a secure document delivery, private email, and message tracking service that enables users worldwide to easily send and receive encrypted and digitally signed communications using their existing email systems and addresses. For further information, visit www.zixit.com or contact investor relations at 214/515-7357.


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