ZixIt Chairman Jeff Papows Interviewed on CEOcast.com

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 19, 2000--ZixIt Corporation (Nasdaq:ZIXI) announced today that Jeff Papows, recently elected chairman of the board of ZixIt Corporation, was interviewed today on CEOcast.com and can be heard via the Internet at www.ceocast.com.

CEOcast requires visitors to register before granting access to the interviews. Mr. Papows, who is the former chief executive officer of Lotus Development Corporation, is also president and chief executive officer of Maptuit Corporation.

During the interview, Mr. Papows spoke of his decision, after leaving Lotus, to join the company. He commented on ZixIt's business model, "I decided ... that what would attract me to a software property, future tense, would be a business model, more than a particular software category, which offered more of a subscription base annual annuity and therefore a lot more revenue and earnings predictability ...." He later added, "...what makes it interesting from my perspective, is that it is recurring....and, I think, that -- at the end of the day -- is the thing that will end up serving shareholders well."

Mr. Papows also discussed some of the particular technological assets of the company saying, "We have some particular intellectual property here for which patents are pending. There is a fairly significant entry barrier in building these highly secure data centers which are capable of scaling literally the billions of messages in a given day as a clearing house here, and there has not been a lot of that kind of topology staged outside of ZixIt's capability."

ZixIt Corporation provides products and services that enhance security, privacy, and convenience for users of the Internet. Principal services include: SecureDelivery.com(TM) -- an Internet secure-messaging portal, and ZixMail(TM) -- a secure document delivery, private email, and message tracking service that enables users worldwide to easily send and receive encrypted and digitally signed communications using their existing email systems and addresses. For further information, visit www.zixit.com or contact investor relations at 214/515-7357.


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