ZixIt Announces Former Lotus CEO to Become ZixIt Chairman; Jeff Papows to Become Actively Involved in ZixIt Marketing

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 17, 2000--ZixIt Corporation (Nasdaq:ZIXI) announced today that Jeff Papows, former president and chief executive officer of Lotus Development Corporation and current president and chief executive officer of Maptuit Corporation, has been elected chairman of the board of ZixIt Corporation.

David P. Cook will continue in his role as president and chief executive officer. In addition to assuming the customary duties of chairman, Mr. Papows will have direct responsibility for the sales and marketing management of ZixIt products and services. Mr. Papows was first elected to the board of ZixIt Corporation in March 2000.

Mr. Cook commented, "The election of Jeff Papows as chairman is an important event for ZixIt. The board and I are taking advantage of Jeff's widely recognized expertise and abilities. Jeff will formulate and direct the execution of our marketing plan to ZixIt's target markets -- that is, everyone with an email address, but first and foremost, large corporations and the existing users of large Internet mail portals. I am excited to have the opportunity to work directly with Jeff in the continuing development of our company."

Mr. Papows said, "I believe that ZixIt's business model and technology will make it the leading secure-messaging service on the Internet. With the release of ZixMail(TM) and SecureDelivery(TM) versions that are fully integrated into the most widely used corporate email programs, Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, now is the time to step up the company's marketing and sales efforts. I am excited to be able to contribute to the company's success and to work closely with David, as we move forward with the marketing roll-out."

The fully integrated Outlook versions of ZixMail and SecureDelivery were recently released, and the fully integrated version for Lotus Notes is currently planned for later this quarter.

During his seven plus years with Lotus and IBM, Mr. Papows successfully drove the evolution of Lotus Notes to its current status as the world's preeminent collaborative computing, messaging, and Web application server platform. He is widely viewed as the key force that orchestrated the integration of Lotus into IBM. Today, Lotus Notes has more than 56 million users worldwide.

Mr. Papows, who was previously named to "Upside" magazine's Elite 100, the list of the 100 most influential executives shaping technology, is also the author of Enterprise.com, an authoritative book on the effects and global promise of the Internet on large corporations. First published in 1998, it has been reprinted in nine separate editions and six languages. Mr. Papows has also been a keynote speaker at Fall Comdex, Comdex Japan, and Comdex Mexico, as well as the recipient of numerous industry awards.

ZixIt Corporation provides products and services that enhance security, privacy, and convenience for users of the Internet. Principal services include: SecureDelivery.com(TM) -- an Internet secure-messaging portal, and ZixMail(TM) -- a secure document delivery, private email, and message tracking service that enables users worldwide to easily send and receive encrypted and digitally signed communications using their existing email systems and addresses. For further information, visit www.zixit.com or contact investor relations at 214/515-7357.


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