ZixIt Announces SecureDelivery.com - An Internet Secure-Messaging Portal; Secure Email Interoperability to Become a Reality

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 31, 2000--ZixIt Corporation (Nasdaq:ZIXI) announced today that it has opened its new Internet secure-messaging portal - SecureDelivery.com(TM). The SecureDelivery.com portal makes secure messaging immediately available to all email users - even those without knowledge of, or access to, encryption software.

David P. Cook, chairman and chief executive officer of ZixIt Corporation, said, "The opening of the SecureDelivery.com portal is a milestone event in the transition of the Internet into a truly secure communications medium. Substantial intellectual property claims covering both the technology and processes used by SecureDelivery.com have been filed."

Mr. Cook added, "The architecture of the SecureDelivery.com portal allows for interoperability between encryption formats, such as S/MIME (X.509), PGP(R), and ZixMail(TM), and allows for the delivery of messages to recipients through secure browsers, secure email, wireless, fax, and voice. I believe that these interoperability features will make SecureDelivery.com the central hub for secure messaging on the Internet."

Immediately available services include sending secure and authenticated messages from the site's Web message form and delivering those messages to authenticated recipients over secure (SSL) browser connections. Additionally, current ZixMail users can already route secure messages to any email address through SecureDelivery.com. In the near future, SecureDelivery.com will also manage incoming secure messages from other sources, including Lotus(R) Notes, Microsoft(R) Outlook(R) and branded Web-based email compose forms.

The SecureDelivery.com architecture allows for many types of secure message formats, including S/MIME (X.509), PGP, and ZixMail. The unique filter layer of the architecture decrypts and standardizes the message. This standardization process makes possible the interoperability between differing encryption formats. Based upon recipient-selected encryption options, SecureDelivery.com can then forward the encrypted message directly to the recipient. When implementation has been completed, users of Verisign(R), Entrust(R), Baltimore(TM), or PGP digital certificates will be able to communicate securely without exchanging certificates and without using compatible encryption systems. Alternatively, the message can be securely stored at SecureDelivery.com for "pickup" by the recipient.

In the case where the standardized message is securely stored at SecureDelivery.com, an email notification is sent to the recipient. The recipient's notification email contains a secure hyperlink that will take the recipient to SecureDelivery.com to access that specific message. Access to the message is granted only after an authentication PassPhrase is provided by the recipient. The message is then displayed for the recipient over a secure (SSL) connection. File attachments may be scanned for viruses and downloaded over the SSL connection. Future delivery methodologies will include wireless, fax, and voice. Also, the message sender may select anonymous notification and certified delivery receipt options.

Custom commercial applications for SecureDelivery.com will also be available. Provisions have been made to allow secure bulk or anomaly emailing, such as for bank statements or securities transaction confirmations.

Although final prices for SecureDelivery.com services have not been set, it is intended that individual users will be able to select a free, advertising-based option.

For additional information, go to www.securedelivery.com.

ZixIt Corporation provides products and services that enhance security, privacy, and convenience for users of the Internet. Principal services include: SecureDelivery.com(TM) -- an Internet secure-messaging portal, and ZixMail(TM) -- a secure document delivery, private email, and message tracking service that enables users worldwide to easily send and receive encrypted and digitally signed communications using their existing email systems and addresses. For further information, visit www.zixit.com or contact investor relations at (214) 515-7357.

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