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Our Differentiators

At Zix, we protect business communications for our customers and their communities. And we don’t rest until every last piece of data is safe and secure.

Email Encryption

If your email encryption is complicated for senders and recipients, you can be confident that your employees are working around the hassles - aka your security measures - and skipping the frustration to simply get their work done. Zix is the leader in email encryption because we make secure email as easy as regular email and invest to ensure our solutions meet your needs today and your demands tomorrow.

  • Transparent Delivery

    No passwords. No extra steps. No other solution makes email encryption easier for recipients.

  • Zix Encryption Network

    Without any user impact, we encrypt 100% of emails between thousands of Zix customers.

  • ZixDirectory

    We have the world's largest email encryption community with 60 million members and growing at 170,000 members per week.

  • Best Method of Delivery

    We automatically deliver emails to your recipients in the most secure and easiest manner possible.

  • Proven Policy Filters

    With a dedicated research center, we ensure our out-of-the-box policies are accurate and up-to-date.

Email Data Loss Prevention

Encryption protects emails as they leave your network, but some emails shouldn’t leave your network, period. As easy as it is to click ‘send,’ it’s no surprise when your proprietary data goes to the wrong recipient or customer data is mistakenly attached to a mass email. These are common mistakes, and they're made by even your most attentive employees. Protect your employees, your data and your company with our simple email DLP solution.

  • Reduced Costs

    With single-application DLP, you can decrease costs, address your greatest data loss risk and repurpose that budget for other business priorities.

  • Minimal Team Impact

    The burden of comprehensive DLP requires dedicated resources and a team consultants. Save resources with our solution.

  • Quick Deployment

    Comprehensive DLP takes months to deploy. By focusing on email, we can have you up and running in a day.

Bring-Your-Own-Device Security

Our unique, no-data-on-the-device approach offers benefits for everyone. Your employees are happy with convenient access to work without losing control of their devices and their privacy. Your executives are happy, because you’ve improved productivity without jeopardizing company data or opening the company to liability risks. And you acccomplished business and security priorities without compliants.

  • Ultimate Data Protection

    With ZixOne, you not only protect your data by not allowing it on the mobile device but have compliance reporting for verification.

  • Control & Privacy

    By only controlling access to corporate email, your employees maintain control of their devices, data and privacy.

  • User Convenience

    ZixOne helps you skip the usual employee complaints by delivering a user experience your employees already know and love.