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Best-in-class Zix email encryption meets Digital Guardian's leading data loss prevention with reduced upfront costs through an annual subscription model.

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Enterprise Data Loss Prevention

Expand protection for your sensitive data by harnessing Digital Guardian's deep data visibility, real-time analytics and flexible controls to stop malicious data theft and inadvertent data loss. Zix delivers integrated data loss prevention (DLP) with Digital Guardian DLP coupled with automatic, transparent email encryption – essential for preventing sensitive data exposure.

How Digital Guardian and Zix Work Together

Zix is the market leader for email encryption. Digital Guardian is a leader in data protection. Together we are 100% dedicated to protecting your sensitive data.


Prevent Network Data Loss

Digital Guardian DLP solutions monitor and control network communications to prevent sensitive data from leaving your organization's protected network. Utilizing a network SPAN or intelligent traffic aggregator, Digital Guardian monitors all network traffic and enforces policies to ensure protection. Policy-based actions include: allow, log, prompt, move, block, reroute, quarantine and send to ZixEncrypt for encrypted secure email delivery.



Find Sensitive Data

By using Digital Guardian’s DLP solutions to locate and identify sensitive data on servers, network shares, databases and cloud-based storage systems, you gain visibility and control of potentially unsecured sensitive information. Detailed audit logging and automatic remediation provide administrators with the information and controls needed to demonstrate compliance, protect confidential information and reduce risk of data loss.



Automatic Email Encryption

When an email triggers a Digital Guardian policy and needs to be encrypted, Zix automatically determines the most convenient way to securely deliver email with sensitive content to the intended recipient using Zix’s patented Best Method of Delivery. ZixEncrypt protects email body and attachments, sending to anyone, anywhere on any device conveniently.


Benefits of Digital Guardian and Zix

Our combined technology and experience offer superior solutions to meet compliance and email security needs through a trusted leader with exceptional support.

  • A Data-Centric Approach

    Digital Guardian DLP provides insight so you can understand your data, locate it and control it.

  • Protect Data At Rest

    With visibility into the location of your sensitive data, you can easily remediate if necessary.

  • Protect Data In Motion

    Monitor and control sensitive data across email, web mail, HTTP/S, FTP/S, TCP/IP and web apps.

  • Subscription Model

    Reduce upfront costs while leveraging DLP solutions that are faster to deploy, easier to manage, highly accurate.

  • Convenient Secure Email

    Sensitive documents and email communications are delivered securely and conveniently to anyone, anywhere on any device.

  • Improved Compliance

    With visibility, reporting and auditability, you can confidently comply with privacy and data protection regulations.

Zix DLP Solutions – Powered by Digital Guardian

  • Essentials

    Includes Network DLP for preventing network data loss

  • Plus

    Adds Discovery and Cloud DLP for locating and remediating data

  • Premium

    Builds on your solution with automatic email encryption


Want Additional Information?

Review our solution datasheet for more details on:

  • Preventing network data loss
  • Data discovery and protection in the cloud
  • Easy integration with Zix email encryption
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