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Three keys to a multi-layer security strategy

Health Data Management | 02/14/2018

The cybersecurity landscape is more threatening than ever, and healthcare is an industry under attack. According to a report from Symantec, healthcare providers face the second highest rate of incidents, with ransomware propelling the number of attacks forward.

What the Apple Face ID Hack Tells Us About Future Cyberattacks

Observer | 02/06/2018

One of the flashiest and most sophisticated features of Apple’s $1,000 iPhone X is Face ID. In addition to being fun and futuristic, Apple touted this as a way to significantly upgrade security over the more commonly used passwords or Touch ID. But within days of hitting the market, the phone’s facial recognition technology had been hacked.

How To Make Email Security Central To Your Cybersecurity Strategy In 2018

Information Security Buzz | 01/29/2018

2017 was another watershed year for cybersecurity. The breaches at Equifax and Yahoo! stand out for their size, but the more troubling development is how much more targeted attacks have become. The HBO attack showed us that hackers are willing to focus on valuable intellectual property or private conversations and hold them hostage for a hefty ransom. The continued attention on the Democratic National Committee hack also revealed that hackers have political agendas that can transcend financial motives.

Is Your Enterprise IT the Best It Can Be?

IT Briefcase | 01/24/2018

Enterprise IT is a driver of the global economy. In 2017, an estimated $3.5 trillion was spent on software and telecommunications services. Those figures exceeded expectations, and spending on software is expected to grow by another 7.6 percent this year. Investment in devices is also expected to climb another 3.8 percent, ultimately reaching $654 billion.

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