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Zix Partnership with Nth Generation

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2015 Security Panel, Anaheim, CA


In addition to strategic partnerships with companies such as Google and Cisco, Zix maintains partner relations with leading IT consultancy companies around the world. One such consultancy and engineering company is Nth Generation based in Southern California. Nth is a Preferred Reseller: this means they partner with their clients to assess existing IT infrastructure and organizational needs, and then design, implement and maintain more productive and secure solutions. Their vision is to leverage and align their expertise with clients’ needs, build valued business relations, and establish industry thought leadership. In the words of Dan Molina, Chief Technical Officer at Nth Generation:

"We enter into strategic relationships with our customers and become their technology partners. We work with them to assess their risks, to identify their specific vulnerabilities, and then we create a roadmap to guide them to more secure processes."

One of the many ways Nth helps reduce each customer’s risks is to carry out a risk assessment, identifying vulnerabilities in their current network and work systems. A remedial roadmap then indicates the best way for the customer to get to these specified higher measures of efficiency and security, and this often means switching to more secure email. Says Molina:

"Our roadmaps often guide our customers to more secure email, and our strategic partnership with Zix means we are able to recommend ZixGateway and other Zix secure email solutions."

Nth Generation regards Zix as one of their “best-of-breed” solutions. This can be seen in Nth’s more tailored approach to IT solutions rather than simply handing the entire book of business to a larger one-stop-shop vendor. Zix’s solutions include on-premises, hosted and hybrid email encryption and data loss prevention offerings that include Zix’s best-of-breed policy filters, regarded as the most granular in the business; and an innovative mobile solution that protects corporate emails and attachments by storing them on the server and not in mobile device memories. The relationship between Nth Generation and Zix is so strong that Zix was invited to participate on the 2015 Security Panel, hosted by Darin Andersen, in Anaheim, CA. The panel discussed current vulnerabilities that public and private businesses need to protect themselves against. One theme on which the panelists - and the 300 strong audience - agreed was that the security industry and the media need to stop blaming the victims of data breaches: instead businesses and their CISOs need to share information about vulnerabilities; and to share security strategies that prove effective. A 45 minute video recording of the panel session can be found here.