Official: Humans are Lazy


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Official: Humans are Lazy

Zix Staff

I don’t know about you, but I love to study the follies of the human condition: how people often act in ways that defeat their own chances of success. For example, my wife’s friend who, when wishing to win the love of her new boyfriend, lit 50 candles and covered her bed in rose petals, thereby guaranteeing she would never see him again; or my neighbor who paid tens of thousands of dollars for a stomach reducing lap band operation, but wouldn’t shell out a few hundred bucks for a gym membership – with obvious sad results.

This is why I love reading Splash Data’s annual list of the 25 worst passwords found on the Internet. In remarkable acts of self-defeatism, people truly protect their personal and corporate data with passwords such as “123456” or “qwerty” or even “password.” It does seem quite incredible to me, but countless thousands of people believe that they and only they have come up with the unique secret password “letmein” or (my own personal favorite) “trustno1.” And frankly, it beggars belief that people think their choices of “batman,” “baseball” and “abc123” could not be defeated by a brute force attack within, say, one picosecond.

This folly, I believe, can only be explained by one unhappy conclusion: humans are lazy. It is not that people are intentionally lazy, it’s probably more to do with time crunch, our constant battle to find enough time every day to do everything that needs to be done, both personal and work related.

In our post-2007 work-more economy people are not only expected to work harder, but also want to work harder and be more productive. In one study employees in the U.S. most frequently cited job security as the reason why they would join an organization, and they’re willing to work hard to make their employer successful and their job more secure.

However there is an obvious downside: being this productive means there is no time left for complex, non-value-adding tasks. Tasks such as keeping a list of difficult to crack passwords, trying to remember these passwords during a busy day, going through procedural hurdles to maintain security, and checking that every email attachment is the right one.

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