Law Firm: Cryptography is Going Mainstream


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Law Firm: Cryptography is Going Mainstream

Steve Irons

On the Privacy and Security Matters blog sponsored by the Mintz Levin law firm, Sara Crasson has a great observation about the growing use and importance of encryption to protect sensitive data - including sensitive data in email.

The Internet has become a primary medium for everyday communication, but individuals rarely consider the potential data security problems. Sending an e-mail or instant message is like dropping a postcard in the mail. Many people handle a postcard as it travels to its final destination, and a message can be seen, copied, and misused. E-mails have the same risks, unless they are encrypted.

While the lack of security for Internet communication has always been an issue, encryption tools have not been widely used. Many people do not understand how to use available encryption systems to wrap their e-mail in a digital envelope. Others believe they would be too difficult to implement. Recently, however, there has been an upsurge of interest in cryptography for e-mail, and other Internet communication, as many governments, including Western governments, have been stepping up their surveillance of the Internet.

Read more in her post National Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Cryptography is Going Mainstream.

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