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ZixCorp offers the industry's easiest to use secure email solutions. In joining our community, you can exchange encrypted email just like regular email - with a single click. In implementing our email dlp solution, you can address your business's greatest source of data loss without the headaches or complexities of other DLP approaches.

To see our latest resources, please click on the links below. To learn about our new and exciting BYOD solution ZixOne, please click on the BYOD section above.

How Community-Based Email Encryption Strengthens Security [PDF]
Read our e-Book to understand the value The Power of Everyone.

Choosing a Secure Email Solution [PDF]
Review this email encryption checklist before taking the next steps.

It's Time to Re-evaluate Your Email Encryption Solution [Video]
View how Zix manages all of the complexities of secure email in this short video.

Transitioning to a ZixCorp Email Encryption Solution [PDF]
Learn why it's simple to switch to ZixCorp with this brief presentation.