ZixDirectory is the world’s largest email encryption community. It includes tens of millions of members and increases at approximately 100,000 per week. With so many members, it’s likely a large number of your clients and partners are already a part of the community and taking advantage of the industry’s easiest email encryption.

Combined with our leading policy-based email encryption, ZixDirectory removes extra steps and passwords to enable transparent secure email. With encrypted email as easy as conventional email, companies can be assured that important information is protected in transit. And as more members join ZixDirectory, the easier secure email becomes.

That’s what we like to call the Zix Encryption Network. Watch our video to learn more.

ZixDirectory® Members

ZixDirectory currently has 48,730,617 members
Features & Benefits
  • Automatic key exchange with the world’s largest, shared email encryption community
  • No key repository or Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to install or maintain
  • Public key validation and distribution in real-time for each message
  • 99.99% availability guaranteed through service level agreements (SLAs)
A Conventional Approach to Email Encryption
The Next Generation from ZixCorp